Your first Home Services bill from TELUS

Why your first bill from Home Services might be higher than future bills

Your first TELUS bill will be somewhat different from future TELUS bills.

We bill you one month in advance for recurring charges such as Home Phone and Internet service. On your first bill, this amount is added to a partial cost from your date of activation to your billing date. Your first bill may also include a one-time activation or installation fee.

Days are determined by the month of the actual billing cycle. For example, a billing cycle beginning on March 16 and ending on April 15 would be 31 days.

Extra charges, such as those listed below, result in a first bill that could be higher than subsequent bills.

For example: Optik TV

If, for example, you signed up for Optik TV on June 8, and selected the Essentials ($26/month) as your TV combo and your billing cycle ends on the 20th day of each month, your first bill would show these charges:

Monthly and other charges (Jun 21 to Jul 20)

Essentials 3 year term = $26

Essentials 3 year term (from Jun 08 to Jun 20 @ $26) = $11.26

The first charge represents your first full billing cycle, billed one month in advance (June 21 to July 20). The calculation is $26 x 1 (month). So the charge is $26. The second charge is a partial charge for 13 days of Essentials between June 8-20. The calculation is $26 / 30 days in a month x 13 days. So the charge is $11.26.

Video: Learn all about your first bill

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