Differences between TELUS.net, TELUS Webmail, and TELUS email

Clarification of terms used TELUSnet, TELUS Webmail, and TELUS email

These terms are used interchangeably by our customers and our agents. There are a few differences that we would like to clarify:


  • Most TELUS customers receive 10 complimentary TELUS.net email addresses when subscribed to one of our Internet packages1
  • One account is automatically created when signing up for TELUS Internet, the rest can be added later with no extra charges

TELUS Webmail

  • TELUS Webmail is the preferred method of accessing, managing and using TELUS.net email accounts
  • TELUS Webmail has the ability to store contacts, calendar, tasks and has a 5GB storage limit
  • TELUS Webmail provides access to email, contacts, tasks and calendar by simply logging in to the portal from any Internet-enabled device -great for staying in touch when on vacation!

TELUS email

  • TELUS email is another way of referring to TELUS.net accounts

1. TELUS.net email not available for TELUS PureFibre customers at this time.

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