Configurez TELUS Courriel propulsé par Google sur votre ordinateur

Access your TELUS email account through your computer

Accessing TELUS email powered by Google on your computer

For the best TELUS email experience, go to Gmail on your browser and bookmark this page going forward. Here is why you will love your new TELUS email experience on Gmail:

  • Secure email access from any computer or mobile device
  • It is customizable to your needs, including theme, background and layout. You can even make it look like other programs
  • All your email, calendar and contact information are in one place. When using email clients you can create offline folders, calendar events and contacts that are not attached to your TELUS email address and are a separate file on your computer
  • No need to set up an additional email clients on your computer
  • No need to pay for upgrades for secure email access

Using email clients for your TELUS email

There are many email clients or applications available, each with a different set up and continuous software updates by various manufacturers. Here are the instructions for standard email setups:

  • Before setting up your TELUS email ensure you have the latest version of the email client you are using
  • Ensure you are setting up a new TELUS email account on your email client, even if you have an existing TELUS email set up on your computer. Please backup all your data (email, contacts and calendar etc.) prior to removing the old inbox from your mail client
  • When using email clients you may have previously created offline folders, calendar events and contacts that are not attached to your TELUS email account and are a separate file. In some cases:
    • You may need to export/import these files to your TELUS email account if you want access to them virtually or
    • You may need to move these from your email client if you are setting up a new email account
  • Newer email clients use a secure method called OAuth (Open Authentication) to seamlessly connect to TELUS email powered by Google. If you are using an email client, we recommend using one that has this capability
  • Most of the older email clients (2017 and earlier) were developed before these newer security protocols were available. Therefore, you may be required to set up the less secure apps and use IMAP settings through Gmail before adding it to your email client

If following the steps above does not result in a successful setup in your email client, we suggest you contact the manufacturer for their assistance.

Basic email client instructions


Mozilla Thunderbird


Important: Email clients and app setup are not supported by our team. Please contact your email client or app provider for further troubleshooting.

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