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In this agreement, “you” refers to [Client- to be auto populated] and “TELUS”, “our”, “us” and “we” refers to TELUS Communications Inc.

TELUS agrees to provide you with the communications services listed below (the “services”). This agreement sets out the charges and terms for the services and consists of this document, the Service Terms referenced in the Service Terms Summary section below, the TELUS Privacy Commitment located at and any other documents described in, linked or attached to this agreement, but does not include any other statements or documents. This agreement replaces any earlier agreements between us relating to the services. When signed by both you and TELUS, this document forms a legally binding agreement between us.

Services & Charges Summary

The table below summarizes the charges(s) for the services you have ordered. The detailed charge(s) are set out in the Detailed Service Charges section below.

Services Quantity Service Period (Months) One Time Charge(s) Monthly Fixed Charge(s) Monthly Variable Charge(s)


[Client- to be auto populated] acknowledges that I have read and understand this agreement. By signing below, [Client- to be auto populated] and TELUS agree to be bound by this agreement.


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Service Terms Summary

The service terms for the services may be viewed at: Additional service terms applicable to Unified Collaboration Services (Business Connect™) which form part of the services may be viewed at (both sets of service terms being collectively called the “Service Terms”). From time to time, we may amend the Service Terms, and if we do so, we will post the amended Service Terms at the respective locations above and provide you with notice of the change by invoice notification, email or otherwise. Unless we indicate otherwise, the effective date of the amended Service Terms will be the date of posting. Your continued use and enjoyment of the services after such date will be deemed to constitute your acceptance of the amended Service Terms.

Please carefully read the Service Terms as they form part of this agreement and contain important legal rights, obligations and limitations, including the following:

Use: You are responsible for use of the services by anyone through your devices or systems, or by anyone that you allow to use the services. You must not: (i) resell the services or charge any fees, directly or indirectly, for using the services, (ii) use the services in a way designed to avoid payment of any charges or that interferes with the use of our network by other persons, (ii) change or interfere with the services or the equipment we use to provide the services, or (iv) use the services unlawfully. In addition, in using the services you agree to comply, and to ensure your users comply, with our Acceptable Use Policy and IP address policy, published at (“AUP”). We may change the AUP at any time and you agree that publishing the amended AUP at the above location shall be sufficient notice of the changes to you.

Disclaimer: The service performance commitment that applies to a service, if any, is your only remedy for any problem with a service. We do not guarantee timely, secure, error-free or uninterrupted services. To the extent permitted by law legal warranties and conditions (implied or statutory) do not apply to the services.

Liability: Our entire liability for one or more claims by you arising from or related to this agreement is limited to damages proven to result directly from the matter giving rise to the claim, up to a maximum amount equal to the service charges paid in the 12 months before the first event that resulted in a claim. We will not be liable to you for any loss of profits, business, goodwill, reputation, or data relating to this agreement, the services, or any failure of or problem with the services.

Service Period: The service period for a service begins once the service is installed at your first service location. If you are renewing a service and the service is already installed when you sign this agreement, the service period for the service begins from signing. After the service period ends for a service, we will continue to provide the service month to month for the monthly charges listed in the Services & Summary Charges section until either you or us cancels or changes the service, we change the charges by giving you a notice at least one month in advance, or you sign a new agreement with us.

Removal or Cancellation: Where you request removal of a service before the end of the service period, or where we cancel a service for non-payment or misuse by you, you will be required to pay service cancellation charges. The Service Cancellation Charge is 100% of your total fixed monthly charges remaining in the service period if cancelled within the first 24 months and 50% of your total fixed monthly charges remaining in the service period if cancelled within months 25-60. Further details of these service cancellation charges are in the Service Terms. We may cancel a service during the service period by giving advance notice to you if we are turning down the service for all of its customers.

Claims: Any claim that you have against us, or that we may have against you, relating to the services or this agreement must be referred to private and confidential mediation and, if the claim is not resolved, binding arbitration. You also waive any right to start or participate in any class action against us relating to the services or this agreement.

If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the Service Terms Summary above and the Service Terms, the Service Terms will take precedence.

Detailed Service Charges

[NTD: table that outlines all charges by Service Address]

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