Troubleshoot a noisy home phone line

Find out the cause of noise, static or radio interference on your home phone

The following steps will help you isolate what is causing the static or noise on your phone line:

  1. Ensure no changes have been made in the home or any devices installed when the problem first occurred. Remove any new devices if the timing coincides and retest.
  2. If there are multiple handsets within your home, check to see if the issue is occurring with the other handsets as well.
    1. If the issue is only on one handset, it could be an issue with the phone, microfilter or jack. Test the phone in another jack or with a different microfilter. If the issue persists you will need to get the handset serviced.
    2. If the issue is experienced on multiple handsets within the home, go to step next step.
  3. Unplug all equipment from every phone jack including fax machines, modems, splitters, etc.
  4. Leave everything unplugged for a minimum of 60 seconds, then plug in your most basic telephone. Use a corded phone if you have one.
  5. Check for any noise, static or radio interference.
  6. Add equipment (phones, fax machines, modems, splitters) back one piece at a time, continually checking for the return of any noise or static. If the issue returns, remove the last piece of equipment added from the jack. It's probably causing the problem and you may want to have it checked.

Note: If you are a TELUS High Speed Internet subscriber, you may require microfilters for each phone that is plugged into a wall phone jack. Microfilters can eliminate interference during telephone calls.

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