Online safety / June 25, 2019

Parents: get the 101 on popular social media apps

Kimberly Bennett

Kimberly Bennett

Sr. Project Manager, TELUS Wise

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In our constantly evolving digital world, it can be a challenge to keep up with the apps that are popular amongst youth, and as a result, many parents may feel unequipped to help guide their kids appropriately. While parents do not need to be experts in order to offer good advice, the TELUS Wise guide to popular social media and messaging apps offers some quick safety tips to help guide the conversation.

Anonymous messaging, feedback and confession apps

The guide provides insight into some of the most popular messaging apps youth use, and also sheds light on anonymous messaging apps like Whisper and Tellonym which are becoming increasingly popular. Youth use these apps to anonymously ask or respond to questions, share or receive anonymous feedback or post confessions. Posts are visible to anyone who uses the app and can be responded to both publicly or privately.

What parents should know:

  • Due to perceived anonymity, these apps have been used by predators to contact and lure young users.
  • Anonymous messaging apps are often ripe with cyberbullying and inappropriate content.
  • Remind your kids to always think before they post, and never share personal or private information anywhere online, including “anonymous” apps. These apps are still tied to their mobile device, so anonymity is not guaranteed.

Read the full guide for information on other popular apps and safety tips to share with youth, and visit for other resources to help keep you and your family safe online.

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