Diversity & Inclusion

Building a Better Future

At TELUS Ventures, we know that diversity and inclusion helps build stronger and better communities. Engaging and fostering talent from all backgrounds leads to new perspectives, ideas, opportunities, and innovations that creates endless possibilities for our communities, and businesses.

Our goal is to not only be the leader in diversity and inclusion in the venture capital space but also to provide our portfolio companies with access to tools, resources, and networks to succeed in their own diversity and inclusion initiatives based on best practice and industry experience.

Leading by Example

As an organization, TELUS has taken concrete steps to ensure that diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of our work:

  • Respectful Workplace Policy, including confidential reporting systems and employee protections;

  • Employee resource groups, offering mentoring, networking, peer support, volunteering, and coaching opportunities;

  • Annual company-wide survey to gather confidential feedback on our internal culture and work environment;

  • TELUS National Mentorship program, providing team members the opportunity to be matched with an internationally trained professional in their community; and

  • Partnerships with diversity and inclusion-focused organizations

Awards and Recognition

Canada’s Best Diversity Employers

In 2020, for the eleventh time, TELUS was named one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers — an annual competition that recognizes the nation’s leaders in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Diversity VC Standard

In 2021, TELUS Ventures became the first Canadian venture capital firm and the first Corporate VC in North America to achieve a Level 2 Standard diversity certification and the first Corporate VC in North America. The Diversity VC Standard is awarded to firms that have set a benchmark for best practice in diversity and inclusion in venture capital and signifies industry leadership.

By the Numbers

In 2022 we surveyed our portfolio companies representing over 4,000 employess across a range of industries and geographies. We found:


of respondents have at least one or more BIPOC Board members


of respondents have at least one or more Women on their Board


of respondents have women as part of the senior leadership team

We value transparency and believe that sharing results, tools and best practices will allow companies, investors and TELUS Ventures to work together to advance diversity and inclusion at all levels.

Our Commitment

As a D&I leader in venture capital, we’re committed to ensuring that our portfolio companies hold themselves to the same high standard. We’re working to:

Increase board diversity at our portfolio companies

Incorporate diversity and inclusion best practices into all stages of the investment process

Monitor the progress of diversity and inclusion initiatives across our portfolio companies.

From opportunity to investment, we continuously track the progress of our prospective and current portfolio companies:

Investment Process

  • Partnerships with diversity and inclusion organizations to increase diversity of dealflow

  • SMART diversity and inclusion related goals included in investment strategy

  • Review of relevant data during due diligence

  • Programs and policies to minimize bias in the investment

  • Track and document founder demographic data

Portfolio Companies

  • Annual diversity and inclusion assessment

  • Formally encourage portfolio companies to collect and report on key diversity and inclusion metrics

  • Advocating for open board positions to be filled by candidates from underrepresented groups

  • Curated resources and tools to assist in establishing and tracking diversity and inclusion progress

Support Taking the First Step

Diversity & Inclusion is not a one-time training class and should become part of the day-to-day actions

Resources to Support Diversity and Inclusion

Here’s a collection of resources to help other business leaders create a welcoming and supportive environment for all team members and to move the needle on diversity and inclusion in their organizations:

Harvard Business Review Webinar: What Leaders Must Do Today to Address Systemic Racism

Harvard Business Review Infographic: How Inclusive Are You as a Leader?

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion: Creating a safe space for a dialogue on anti-racism

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion Toolkits

Paine Publishing: 5 Steps to Measure the Success of Your Diversity and Inclusion Communications

theBoardlist: Connecting exceptional diverse candidates with global board opportunities

We’re always striving to do better

If you have ideas, concerns, or feedback for our team, we’d like to hear from you. Comments are submitted anonymously.