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Note: Images may vary depending on software version.

Tips to ensure a smooth installation

  1. Have your TELUS My Account email and password ready
  2. Have your Google Account email and password ready

Important: You must sign into your Google account in order to get the latest Pik TV updates. Updates to your Pik TV include new features and improvements, as well as a customized Google experience. Once signed in, launch the Google Play Store and accept Google’s terms and conditions. 3. If connecting via Wi-Fi, have your Wi-Fi network name & password ready 4. For the first-time setup, make sure your media box is located at the same address you provided when you ordered it


Here's what you need to set up your Pik TV Media Box:

  • A TV or a monitor with an HDMI port
  • An Internet connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • A Google email address
  • A TELUS account

Connect your Pik TV Media Box to your TV screen or monitor using an HDMI cable

  • Connect your media box into a power source and ensure that both TV and media box are powered on

  • Select the Source or Input button on your remote until you see the Remote Pairing Screen

  • Insert batteries into your Pik TV Remote

On-screen setup

To set up Pik TV, follow the instructions displayed on your TV screen. You can also use your Android phone or tablet if you have one. You'll be prompted to do the following:

1.If you would like to set up Pik TV on your Android phone or tablet, select Yes on your TV screen and continue the setup process on your mobile device Note: Select No to skip setting up with an Android device.

Note: You’ll need to ensure your mobile phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your media box.

2.For the highest-quality connection, attach your router to your Media Box using an Ethernet cable

注意: Note:

  • If you cannot connect to an Ethernet network, connect to the Wi-Fi network with the strongest signal.
  • If your 5Ghz network has the same signal strength as your 2.4Ghz network we recommend connecting to the 5Ghz network
  • If you experience connection issues, see Troubleshoot Pik TV Wi-Fi connection issues
  • If, after connecting to your home Wi-Fi network, you see either of the following two screens please see Troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection
  • If you are installing your Pik TV media box before your TELUS Internet is installed, please note you will only be able to view select channels until your TELUS Internet is installed

3.Optional: To get the latest Pik TV updates and to tailor your experience, we recommend you sign into your Google account. If you are setting up Pik TV on your mobile device, sign in to your account on your device as opposed to your TV screen\n

4.To ensure your guide schedule is accurate for your timezone, please choose YES to Location in order enable location services

5.If your Media Box requires a software update, it will automatically be installed

Note: Your Media Box may restart more than once during this update

6.To control your TV using your Pik TV remote, select Yes.

7.Press the up arrow on your remote to display the keyboard on your screen and enter your TELUS My Account username and password to log in to your Pik TV account


Choose Pik TV if:

  1. You have a few favourite channels. Pik offers the most popular live TV channels to choose from.
  2. You use a variety of apps. You want access to streaming and gaming apps like Netflix, Spotify, Crackle and YouTube.
  3. You don’t record shows. You catch-up with On Demand later.
  4. You'll watch it now. You don’t need to record shows. Or you can watch later On Demand.
  5. You only watch on one TV. No need for multiple TVs.
  6. You got this! You’re comfortable managing your own technology.

Choose Optik TV if:

  1. You enjoy a variety of channels. Optik offers the most live TV channels, including 4K and kids programming.
  2. You use a few popular apps. You want access to some streaming apps like Netflix and Stingray Music.
  3. You record shows. You regularly use a PVR.
  4. You'll watch it later. You record shows on your PVR regularly.
  5. You have multiple TVs. Everyone wants to watch something different at the same time.
  6. We got this! You prefer a pro to manage your technology.

You can change your channel subscriptions by logging in to your TELUS My Account.

Whenever you add a new channel to your Pik TV subscription, the channel is locked in to your subscription for 30 days. This means that you cannot cancel or change the newly added channel for 30 days following its addition to your Pik TV package.

Note: Pik TV channel selections will be updated to your Pik TV service within 4 hours. You will receive an email notification as soon as the channels are available for viewing. If the change doesn't appear to work, reboot your Pik TV media box.


Browse On Demand movies

  1. Select the On Demand button on your remote
  2. Choose a category
  3. Select a movie to preview, rent or watch from the list
  4. You can view additional movies by selecting the All option within each category

Preview On Demand movies

  1. Select the movie and press OK or press Info on your Pik TV remote
  2. Select Trailer
  3. You can also navigate to the Ways to Watch tab and select the Extras tab

Rent On Demand movies

  1. Select a movie by scrolling left or right in the list or by viewing the All list
  2. Press OK or press Info on your Pik TV remote to view movie details
  3. Navigate to the Ways to Watch tab
  4. Select Rent HD/SD (the price will also be displayed)
  5. Select your preferred format (HD or SD)
  6. Select Confirm Rental
  7. Select Play


  • Use the Pik TV remote to play, pause, rewind or fast-forward
  • You can view On Demand movies as many times as you like within the rental period
  • If you stop a movie before it ends, it will begin playing from that point when it is restarted
  • Movies that have started playing will appear under the Resume tab. Once the movie has been watched until the end, it will automatically be removed from the Resume tab

View a movie you've already purchased

Press the Menu button on your remote

  1. Navigate to the You tab
  2. Select Purchases
  3. Select the movie you want to watch and press OK

On Demand pricing

Movie of the week - $1.00

Monthly promotions - $2.00

HD Library titles - $5.00

Browse free TV On Demand content from major networks

  1. Select the On Demand button on your Pik TV remote
  2. Navigate to Free Shows and press OK

Note: All major networks content within the Free Shows category is free for all customers.

Browse Premium TV On Demand content

To find premium TV On Demand content by channel:

  1. Select the On demand button on your remote control
  2. Navigate to Channels and select a channel
  3. Select Info to show all TV On Demand available for that channel


  • Access to premium TV On Demand content requires a subscription. A Key icon will appear over content to which you are not subscribed
  • TV On Demand can also be found within the different \n On Demand categories such as Movies and TV Shows. Select the All option within these categories from the Pik TV menu to find show to watch.

Play On Demand TV shows

  1. Select a TV show by scrolling left or right in the list or viewing the All list
  2. Press OK or press Info on your Pik TV remote to view program details
  3. Navigate to the season you want to watch
  4. Select the episode you want to watch
  5. Select Play

Note: Access to premium TV On Demand content requires a subscription. A Key icon will appear over content to which you are not subscribed.


If you receive a message stating Authentication error, user not provisioned (invalid credentials):

  • Ensure you have an active subscription to Pik TV. If you would like to subscribe to Pik TV visit
  • Have you received a your confirmation email? It will include the subject line - Confirmation of changes to your TELUS account. If you have not received a confirmation email, your Pik TV account is still being processed. Try again once you receive your confirmation email.
  • Have you completed your TELUS My Account registration? To confirm, visit

How to return to the Pik TV login screen to try again

On your media box

  1. Select the Home Button on your remote to open the Android TV Home Screen.
  2. Scroll down until you reach Settings. Press OK.
  3. Under Device, select Apps.
  4. Scroll to Running Apps.
  5. Scroll through the apps list to find Pik TV (they're in alphabetical order) and press OK.
  6. Select Force stop. Press OK.
  7. Select Open to relaunch Pik TV and attempt to log in again.

On your smartphone or tablet

  1. View your running apps by double clicking on your home button/icon
  2. Find the Pik TV app and swipe up on it to force close the Pik TV app
  3. Relaunch the Pik TV app you'll be presented with the login screen

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