Troubleshoot voice echo

Causes of echo on your mobile phone

Why voice echo occurs

There are a number of potential causes of voice echo – and the root cause is often at the other end of your call. So you may have to ask the person you're calling to do some troubleshooting of their own.

Common causes of voice echo include:

  • Hardware problems (e.g audio input or microphone, bluetooth headsets)
  • Software problems
  • Issues with hands-free / speaker mode
  • Microphone being obstructed, e.g by a phone case
  • Network-related problems, weak signal strength
  • Your environment, causing your microphone to pick up sounds around you

Newer devices with HD Voice (most new models) can be very revealing of signal flaws. You may notice more imperfections coming from the other end.

Troubleshooting voice echo

  • Ensure your phone or headset's microphone is working properly
  • Try your phone with or without your headset
  • Turn your phone's hands-free / speaker mode on or off
  • Remove your phone from its case, or remove any cover from the audio input
  • Ask the person you're calling to check the above items with their own phone
  • Hang up and try calling again
  • If possible, try your headset on another phone
  • Restart your phone and/or update your OS

If you find an issue with an accessory or device, please bring it in to a TELUS store for repair or replacement.

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