Smart Remote features explained

How to schedule and record a show, select a favourite, search or browse

As of June 26, the Optik TV Smart Remote app will no longer be supported. Manage your PVR recordings, stream live shows and access thousands of On Demand titles — all on the go. For more information go to

Please visit Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device to download the Optik TV mobile app:

Note: The connection between your smartphone and digital boxes only works within your home.

Record a show

  • Launch Optik Smart Remote on your mobile device
  • Select the show you want to record
  • Tap on the show to bring up the show card
  • Tap on Record show and edit the settings if necessary
  • Tap OK

Select a favourite

  • From your mobile device, launch Optik Smart Remote
  • Select the show you want to add to your favourites
  • Tap on the show to bring up the show card
  • Select Add favourite

Guide view

  • When in Guide view the numbers you see are the channel shortcuts. By pressing any of these numbers you will jump to that part of the guide

Search / Browse

  • The Optik Smart Remote app will search program titles. The search functionality on your digital box will search by title, cast or channel name
  • If you have an Apple device running iOS 6.0 or higher you can view and browse the On Demand library
  • If you have an Android device or an Apple device running iOS 5.1.1 or lower you will not be able to view the On Demand library on Optik Smart Remote
  • NFL Sunday Ticket, NHL Center Ice or adult channels are not visible in the Optik Smart Remote guide. However, if you are subscribed to these channels you can still tune to them using the touch remote

Scheduled recordings

  • If you schedule a recording with the Optik Smart Remote app your PVR will update automatically. For example, if you schedule a recording from your smartphone you will be able to watch the recording later, at home
  • You are only able to view a list of which programs are scheduled to be recorded or have already been recorded. If you want to watch the recorded program, you will have to do so on your TV
  • If you have an Apple device running iOS 6.0 or higher, press watch now to start playback of the recording
  • To view your scheduled recordings, go to the Recordings section. All recorded and scheduled recordings will be displayed here
  • To find the shows on your PVR faster, use the filters bar to narrow down your search. You can sort by Date, Title or Series. You can also further refine your search by choosing the genre of show
  • The digital box does not currently accept keyboard input from your mobile device. However while in the search screen of the on-screen menu, you can use the touch pad to navigate to letters and you can select letters by tapping once on the touchpad
  • If you can't see program content when viewing your guide verify that your device is set to the current time. Most devices have an option to automatically set this time

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