Call Waiting explained

How to activate, deactivate or reactivate call waiting


  1. Press the receiver, link or flash button on your phone to take the new call, or to switch between calls
  2. To end the first call before answering the second call, hang up. Your phone will ring
  3. Pick it up to take the call


  • Listen for the dial tone
  • Press *70 or 70# before you place a call
  • If you're already on the phone, press the receiver, link or flash button to place the other party temporarily on hold. Then press *70 or 70# to reconnect with the original caller


Call Waiting will automatically be re-activated when you hang up.

If Call Waiting is not working:
  1. Log in to your account and make sure you are subscribed to Call Waiting
  2. Ensure that the plug on the back of your phone marked Jack connects it to the telephone jack
  3. Ensure that the plug on the back of your phone marked Phone (or set) is connected to the handset
  4. Check for any buttons on the front of your phone marked Link or Flash. Use those buttons to switch between calls
  5. Try unplugging and re-plugging in your phone
  6. If you have more than one home phone, test Call Waiting on each phone to determine if the problem is with your phone
Note: In most areas of Alberta and B.C. you can temporarily turn Call Waiting off.


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