Troubleshoot Caller Reveal

How to confirm that caller reveal is activated

You must have a subscription to use Caller Reveal. Log in to your account and make sure you are subscribed and it has been activated. You also need to have set up a Calling Feature Assistant, if you haven't already done so.

Caller Reveal is automatically activated in the on position. To ensure Caller Reveal is turned on:

  1. Call the TELUS Call Management Assistant by dialing 310-8682
  2. Follow the voice prompts from the main menu to access Caller Reveal
  3. Select 5 to choose Caller Reveal:
    • Select 1 to turn Caller Reveal On
    • Select 2 to turn Caller Reveal Off
  4. Press * (star) to exit the system when finished

Note: There are still some calls that might come through as private or unknown. Some telephone networks send their caller information in a non-standard format, which we cannot process.


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