Text with 911

Learn about availability and requirements for our emergency texting service

Text with 911 (T911) is an emergency texting service for deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired (DHHSI) customers who need to communicate with a 911 operator. It is not yet available in all communities. Refer to the Availability section for details.


To register for the service, text "T911" to 428911 from your mobile phone and follow the prompts. Registration is free of charge.


To use the T911 service, you must:

  • Confirm that you are speech or hearing impaired
  • Use a supported mobile phone (see below), and
  • Accept terms of service (see below)


T911 service is not available everywhere. Government agencies are responsible for handling emergency calls, and not all of them are able to support T911 service. See approximate T911 coverage areas.

Using T911

  • In an emergency, simply hit the send key, then the digits 9, 1, 1, and the send key again on your cell phone to access the 911 center in your area. They will receive an indicator that tells them to communicate with you via text messaging. You must ensure your phone is unlocked to return to the home screen and text message with the operator
  • Do not send a text message to 911. This is not supported and you will get an error message. You must wait for the 911 operator to initiate the text session with you
  • Do not end the voice 911 call. It allows the 911 operator to hear the emergency and also receive important information including call back number and location information. When the emergency has ended, you will get a text message indicating the end of the session. You can then end the voice part of the 911 call

Supported devices

A supported handset is required to use this service. See below for a list of supported devices:

All handsets sold by TELUS support Text with 911, with the exception of the Alcatel Go FLIP handset.

Terms of Service

  • T911 service is not available everywhere. Government agencies are responsible for handling emergency calls, and not all of them are able to support T9-1-1 service. For T9-1-1 coverage areas, see textwith911.ca. Coverage areas are approximate.
  • The agency handling your T911 call may not be able to assist you in both official languages.
  • T911 service relies on text messaging sessions initiated by the government emergency response agency receiving your 911 call. The availability of text messaging service is not guaranteed and is subject to the TELUS Service Terms.
  • You must have an active TELUS account to access T911 service on your TELUS device. Each device on your account must be individually enabled for T911 service, if the user is eligible. Please allow 5 days for registration to become effective.
  • Your T911 registration will not follow if you transfer your number to another service provider. You must re-register.

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