High Speed Internet with Smart Hub Availability Self Test

Information on the availability test for TELUS High Speed Internet with Smart Hub

Sufficient TELUS wireless coverage cannot be guaranteed at any address that does not qualify, but potential customers in eligible communities can do a self-check for TELUS wireless service to determine whether the service may work at their locations.

  • When performing the
    TELUS wireless coverage check
    use a device subscribed to a TELUS mobile service other than
    TELUS High Speed Internet with Smart Hub
    and check TELUS wireless coverage and download speeds on that device in the room where the Smart Hub device will be used

  • If wireless coverage seems sufficient and provides speeds that are acceptable, TELUS encourages potential customers to try the service

  • If the service doesn’t perform as expected, customers who purchased service through a TELUS dealer can return their Smart Hub device in its original packaging and with all included accessories to the dealer within 15 days from purchase date. Customers who purchased service over the phone have 30 days to return the device

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