Search the Interactive Program Guide on Optik TV

How to find a TV show or movie by title, channel name or person search

You can use search to quickly find a TV show, On Demand title or Pay Per View event.

  1. Select search
  2. Select options to search by one of the following:
    • Title of the TV show, Video On Demand or PPV program
    • Name of a person (actor, actress, or director)
    • Channel name
  3. Navigate to the first letter you are entering and press ok
  4. Repeat step 3 to enter more letters
    • To enter a number, navigate to 123 and press ok
    • To return to the alphabet, navigate to ABC and press ok
  5. Use (^) or (v) to highlight the result you want and press ok to view upcoming showtimes

Tip: Quickly search by using the number keypad on your remote to spell the name of the person or program you are looking for. For example, to search for a title containing the letter b press the number 2 key twice.

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