Pay for your TELUS Mobility Prepaid services

How to pay for your TELUS Mobility Prepaid services

You can register a credit card or Visa Debit on your TELUS Prepaid account in order to conveniently set up automatic top-ups, ensuring that your balance never reaches zero, and your TELUS Prepaid services remain active.

Using your TELUS online account

  1. You can register a credit card under the Account Activity tab when you log in to your TELUS My Account profile

Using the My Account app on your Prepaid smartphone

  1. If you haven't already, download the TELUS My Account app
  2. Log in to the TELUS My Account app using the username and password for your online account
  3. Enter your credit card details, and then select submit
  4. Confirm details and select submit

Using IVR on your TELUS Prepaid device

  1. Call #123 and enter your PIN when prompted
  2. Press 5 to register a credit card and follow the prompts to provide your credit card details
  3. Wait for the confirmation that your credit card was successfully registered

Note: If calling 1-877-277-7745 from another device, you will need to enter your subscriber number and PIN before registering your credit card.

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