Optik TV Pik TV - latest amendments

Amendments to the Optik TV Pik TV service terms

Effective November 29, 2017, the Optik TV Service Terms are amended as follows:

  1. The second sentence of the first paragraph of subsection 1a) is replaced with the following:
    "The Services may also i) provide access to video on demand and pay per view programming, interactive programming and related personal video services, and ii) include the ability to access programming remotely, through mobile applications or the internet.”
  2. A new sentence is added at the end of subsection 2c), as follows:
    “You also agree not to threaten, abuse or harass any TELUS customer representative.”
  3. A new sentence is added at the end of the first paragraph of subsection 2d), as follows:
    “If you use the Services through a mobile application or the internet, charges may apply for data usage under your mobility or internet service plan.”

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