Differences in the TELUS Drive+ experience

How the TELUS Drive+ experience may vary by vehicle make and model

For some vehicles the readings of fuel related measures, odometer and RPM may not be reported in the way that is required by the TELUS Drive+ technology. Below are the affected readings and how it may affect your TELUS Drive+ experience.

Fuel Level

Readings of the fuel gauge are not always available for every vehicle. It’s possible that you may not see the fuel level of your vehicle displayed in the TELUS Drive+ app. Even if your vehicle does not report fuel level, the ability to enable low fuel notifications will still appear in the TELUS Drive+ app. If the app does not present fuel level information for your vehicle then you will not receive low fuel notifications, even when enabled.

Fuel Volume

The litres of fuel remaining in the vehicle’s tank is not a reading that every vehicle provides. It’s possible that the TELUS Drive+ app will you show you how empty or full your vehicle’s fuel tank is, but not the precise amount of fuel (in litres) that is left in the tank.

Fuel Efficiency

This value is the fuel consumption rate in L/100km that the vehicle reports during a particular trip. It isn’t reported by all vehicles, so it’s possible you may not see the fuel efficiency stat in the trip history details shown on the TELUS Drive+ app. In some cases, a vehicle may calculate fuel efficiency in a way that the TELUS Drive+ technology cannot understand. In this case, the fuel efficiency stat in the trip history details may report a result that appears to be inaccurate.


Your vehicle’s odometer tracks its total lifetime mileage. TELUS Drive+ can read the actual odometer value for some vehicles. For some, it can only record the km driven since the device was connected. If the odometer is not up to date in your TELUS Drive+ app, you can manually update the value in the app to the correct mileage. Go to the settings menu and tap Cars. Tap the car you would like to update. Tap Odometer and update to the value shown on your car’s dashboard. From there, all future trips with the device plugged in will keep the odometer reading up to date. Also, some vehicles may not report this reading at all. If this is the case, you will not see the odometer reading presented at all.


RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) refers to the engine speed. It is known that Hybrid vehicles can produce readings that would appear inaccurate in the TELUS Drive+ app. For some vehicles, the RPM may not be shown in the trip history of your TELUS Drive+ app at all.

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