Change your Wi-Fi network’s name and password

Update your Wi-Fi network’s name and password using My Account

This article explains how to change your Wi-Fi network name and password using your TELUS My Account profile.

Don’t have My Account? Click here to create a My Account profile.

You can also change your Wi-Fi network name and password through your modem.

Change your network name and password

  1. Once you have logged into My Account, under the Internet tab select Wi-Fi.

  2. Under the Wi-Fi settings section select Edit and edit the fields you would like to customize—either your network Name or Password. If you have a dual-band network and Smart Wi-Fi off, you will see two frequencies listed that you must click to edit separately.
    Note: If you have the TELUS Advanced modem (Actiontec T3200M) and Smart Wi-Fi turned on, you will only see one network name and password listed to edit. Editing this network name and password will apply changes to both network bands.

    To learn more about Smart Wi-Fi’s functionality and how to enable it visit Enable Smart Wi-Fi on your Advanced Wi-Fi modem.

  3. Enter your new network name and create a password, then select Save
    • You may choose to change both your network name and password, or just your password
    • If you choose to change your network name you must enter a password, though it can be the same password that you previously used
    Pro tip: If you have a 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network, setting the same password for both networks will make it easier to remember your login information.

Note: Once your changes are saved, you will be disconnected from Wi-Fi and will need to reconnect on all of your devices with your new password. On some devices this may require you to forget your old wireless network. Check your manufacturer's instructions to learn how.

What to do if your password changes won’t save

It can take up to 48 hours for your changes to appear in My Account.

In the meantime, your changes have been saved to your modem and you should be able to log onto your Wi-Fi network with the new information that you entered in My Account.

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