Change voicemail playback preferences

Instructions on changing the playback order and related options

Customize your playback preferences

Within your voicemail, you can customize the following items:

  • The order that your messages are played (newest or oldest)
  • Whether or not the Caller ID or date and time of the message are played
  • Whether or not the automatic or normal playback options will be used

Steps for changing your preferences

To change your voicemail playback preferences, first dial into the voicemail system:

  • Press and hold 1 to reach your voicemail
  • From your mobile device, dial 1 + your 10-digit cellular number + CALL
  • From a landline, dial your 10-digit mobile number and select the * key to interrupt the system greeting

From the main menu of the voicemail system:

  • Select 4 for Personal Options
  • Then select 4 for Personal Preferences
  • Then select 2 to change Playback Preferences

From there you can select the following settings:

  • Select 1 to change the order by which your messages are played
    • This setting allows you to play your messages in “First In/First Out” order, or “Last In/First Out” order
  • Select 2 to enable playing the Caller ID before your messages
    • You can turn “ON” or “OFF” of playing the Caller ID before the messages
  • Select 3 to disable playing the date and time for messages
    • You can turn “ON” or “OFF” of playing the date and time of the messages
  • Select 5 to change to automatic/normal playback mode
    • In “Automatic playback mode,” after playing your message, you will only hear “to Delete press 7, to Save press 9”
    • In “Normal playback mode”, after you hear each message, you will also hear all options that you can do with this message, including:
      • Press 1 - Replay this message
      • Press 11 - Go to the previous message
      • Press 2 - To pause during message playback
      • Press 3 - Fast forward the message during play
      • Press 5 - Play time of message delivered
      • Press 6 - Copy this message to another person
      • Press 7 - Delete this message and go to next message
      • Press 8 - To reply
      • Press 9 - Save this message and go to the next message
      • Press # - Keep this message new and go to the next message

Tip: You may want to set to “Automatic playback mode” so you don’t have to listen to all options after playing each message. In addition, you can always turn “Normal Playback mode” ON if you do need to do more with messages.

Download the handy TELUS Voicemail Quick Reference Guide for feature reference and helpful tips.

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