Troubleshoot Own on Optik movies

Figure out why you can’t see or access your Own on Optik movies

There are two reasons you may not be seeing your Own on Optik movies:

  1. Service termination: Own on Optik is only available with Optik TV service. If you terminate your Optik TV subscription or move to an area where Optik TV service is not available, you will lose access to all movies you previously purchased.
  2. Account suspension: If your Optik TV account is suspended due to non-payment, you won’t be able to view your movies and TV shows. Once your balance is paid in full, access to your Own on Optik purchases will be restored as long as they are still available in our On Demand library.

Platform migration

Own on Optik is currently available through the On Demand platform. In the event this platform is upgraded or replaced, some titles may not be transferable. TELUS will ensure that you have alternate access to the title as long as you keep your Optik TV service.

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