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kingdom athletics
kingdom athletics

Closed during Coronavirus, BC gym donates virtual workouts

British Columbia · Jul 7, 2020

Matt Dai of Kingdom Athletics in White Rock


Instagram: @kingdom_athletics_

Businesses of all stripes have been struggling to navigate the pandemic, but few face as many logistical barriers as the fitness industry. With healthy living becoming more important than ever, the team at Kingdom Athletics has discovered new ways to keep their community strong. 

"Online training was a scary new way of doing things. But it has proven to be such a supportive approach, bringing our community together under one common goal." - Matt Dai, owner of Kingdom Athletics.   

For millions of Canadians, gyms provide a healthy escape from daily life, and an important opportunity to focus on wellbeing. But as COVID-19 swept the globe, the thought of hitting a squat rack became almost unthinkable. 

"We miss our home, our gym," says Matt Dai, owner of Kingdom Athletics in White Rock, BC, whose gym was closed due to the pandemic. "We built such a solid foundation and community. It was like our home was swept from under our feet, and we have nowhere to go."

Opened in 2019, Kingdom Athletics was designed to be the ultimate destination for a great workout, combining the best aspects of a traditional gym with elements of personalized group training. And then, seemingly overnight, gyms became one of the last places anybody wanted to be due to COVID-19. 

But Matt wasn’t about to let his members down.

"We wanted our community to know that we are all in this together," he says. "Although we can't wait to get back in the gym, we can now offer additional services that will meet everyone's needs." 

A pivot to online classes has transformed the gym’s approach, and Kingdom Athletics has been offering virtual classes free of charge as a gesture of community support. 

At a time when health – both mental and physical – has become more important than ever, Matt’s team of trainers have discovered a renewed sense of purpose. "We feel that the industry has shifted in a positive way," Matt says, pointing to the connectedness of his members and staff, even at a time when they can’t share the same physical space. 

As the world slowly inches towards a more familiar reality, Matt, spoken like a true trainer, reiterates the need for resilience during this time – no matter how daunting the obstacles may seem. 

"Greatness is not what you have," he says.  

"It is what you give."

You can support Matt and sign up for online classes on the Kingdom Athletics website.

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