Connecting Canada to the future


Today, the Canadian telecommunications industry employs 350,000 people directly and contributes $50 billion to our economy every year. 5G technology promises to add 250,000 more permanent jobs and $40 billion more annually within the next six years. 

From healthcare to education, transportation to food, and manufacturing to entertainment, 5G promises to revolutionize the way we live and work. 

Telecommunications companies are poised to invest $26 billion over the next few years to bring 5G technology to Canada. 

But a number of federal government regulations threaten the job growth, innovation, and economic benefits that 5G promises.

We must work together to maintain our position as a global communications network leader, now more than ever.

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Endless Possibilities for Canada's Future

5G technology will fuel Canadian innovators and the industries of tomorrow through the adoption of  new applications and emerging tech like the Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality, digital healthcare and robotics.

Just imagine a world of highly efficient autonomous vehicles, reliable real-time remote connection between patients and top medical specialists, safer food production, and cities powered by world-class technologies that vastly improve our quality of life. All while saving money, time and the environment. And that’s just the beginning.

Reliable access to unprecedented speed

5G speed is unlike anything we’ve seen before (eventually up to 10 times faster than today's 4G), with higher bandwidth and more reliable connections. Building out our advanced 5G network is vital to ensuring Canada's future.

Next-gen virtual workplaces

5G will enable more flexible lifestyles. That means Canadians can stay in touch with employers, clients and customers, ultimately providing greater choice in where we work and live, whether that’s a cabin in the woods or an acreage in the Foothills.

Innovation unleashed

Through improved productivity and boosting efficiencies, 5G enables Canadian companies and innovators to not only to compete globally, but also puts us in a leadership position.

Strengthening Canada’s communities by connecting Canadians

From providing low-cost internet to families in financial need to delivering mobile phones and mobile health care to our most vulnerable citizens, TELUS believes in the power of technology to drive positive social change. It’s why we are committed to connecting all Canadians to the people and resources they need to thrive in our digital society.

Bringing healthcare to vulnerable communities

With 5G, healthcare providers will be better able to provide patient access and health outcomes through technologies like virtual care and AI-driven diagnostic tools.

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Connecting young Canadians leaving foster care

5G will provide Canadians with increased access to information, services, entertainment, and people in ways that have not been possible – until now. For example, for young Canadians who have grown up in foster care, graduating into adulthood, without support or a safety net, can be an overwhelming experience. TELUS’ Mobility for Good program makes it a little easier and serves as an example of how fundamental wireless access is to supporting the future success of our youth. By providing free smartphones to young adults starting out on their own, TELUS helps ensure they stay can stay connected to friends, teachers, and the rest of their support network. Plus, with the right technology in hand, they’re better connected to career and education opportunities, so they can start their independent lives off on equal footing.

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Digital equality for low-income families

Studies show that Canadians are better able to succeed when we have access to home internet services. Unfortunately, for 42 per cent of low-income Canadians, that’s not the case. To improve those statistics, we have created the TELUS Internet for Good program, which offers low-income households affordable internet access, digital literacy training and access to low-cost laptops and devices. Entirely funded by TELUS, with no government subsidies or costs to taxpayers, the program was developed to empower youth to reach their full potential in the digital world.

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