Ensuring digital accessibility for everyone

Our Tech for Good™ program supports people with disabilities who require professional assistance to independently use or control their mobile devices.

Promoting inclusive access

Removing barriers and ensuring accessibility within our workplace and the communities in which we serve is important to us. So is providing inclusive access to technology for persons of all abilities.

Tech for Good is primarily educational and provides customized training and support to help improve the quality of life, independence and personal empowerment of people with disabilities.

How Tech for Good provided Allison and Lorne with greater independence

For many people with disabilities, technology can be a powerful tool. Our Tech for Good program helps people like Allison and Lorne get the customized support and training they need to use their phones and assistive technology to get connected and live independently.

Stay connected and independent

A collaboration between TELUS and March of Dimes Canada, Tech for Good offers customized recommendations, training and support on mobile devices and related assistive technology. In some cases, it also provides the unique assistive hardware or software technology required for persons with disabilities to use their mobile devices.

To learn more on how we can offer support, we invite you to apply for Tech for Good and discuss your individual needs with our Assistive Technology Specialists at March of Dimes Canada.

Accessibility at TELUS 

We want to give everyone equal access to the devices and services we all need to work, play and stay connected. It’s just one way we can help build a friendlier future. 

Non-profit organization requests

If you’re a non-profit seeking program assistance, please submit your inquiry using our online form.

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