Connecting Canadians in need

Having access to reliable internet is essential in today’s interconnected world. But for low-income families and seniors, youth aging out of care and people with disabilities, it can still be a struggle.

Extending the impact of Internet for Good during the COVID-19 pandemic

We have empowered Schools across Alberta and BC to extend our Internet for Good offer directly to families in need. If you have school-aged children and are in need of Internet access, please discuss your situation with your child’s teacher or Principal. The school Principal will be able to request codes from TELUS on behalf of families in need at their school.

Note that if you would like to apply directly to TELUS you will need to meet the program criteria.

Learn more about how we are keeping students, educators and school communities connected.

Connecting those in need

Low-cost internet is helping connect to a world of possibilities | Internet for Good

The Internet for Good program helps Veronika and others stay connected by providing access to low-cost home internet and the option to purchase a refurbished, low cost computer or laptop

Watch how our Internet for Good program is making a positive difference in communities across Canada.

Stories of hope

Discover how Internet for Good is helping Canadians and changing lives.

Helping more Canadians access the internet

Since 2001, TELUS has donated more than 35,000 computers to the Government of Canada’s Computers for Schools Plus program. This generosity, along with our Internet for Good program and participation as a founding member of the CEO Pledge to Bridge the Digital Divide, demonstrates our ongoing commitment to helping Canadians in need access the Internet.

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Apply for Internet for Good

If you’re a low-income family or senior, youth aging out of care or a person with disabilities in Canada, you may be eligible for Internet for Good. Apply below:

Non-profit organization requests

If you’re a non-profit seeking program assistance, please submit your inquiry using our online form.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Internet for Good program please contact us at