Tell your MP you want access to high-speed internet for rural communities

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians in rural, remote and Indigenous communities are at risk of remaining unconnected to high speed Internet without smarter, more efficient spectrum policy. What is spectrum? The radio waves that make wireless connectivity possible.

Not having access to the internet puts those at a significant social and economic disadvantage. You can be a part of the solution.

Strong digital policies present an opportunity to lead on global climate action

Connectivity and innovation can help Canadians lower their carbon footprint and reach net-zero emissions faster.

A woman standing outdoors with her back to the camera viewing a smartphone.

Here are the facts

We collected international evidence on spectrum policy to create a report which includes 10 recommendations to help the federal government connect more rural Canadians and Indigenous Peoples to the Internet.

Improve access now

Unlocking available and unused spectrum could immediately boost hundreds of thousands of homes to 50/10 Mbps. Unused spectrum harms Canadians.

We need better policies

Canadian spectrum prices are the highest in the world: In 2021, they were 3x the U.S. unit prices and 15x the unit prices in Europe. This flawed policy is affecting the price of your wireless services.

It’s time to catch up

Canada is going to be at a critical competitive disadvantage, because of its significant delay in auctioning critical spectrum that will enable the full potential of 5G.

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