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TELUS Social Impact
TELUS Social Impact

Recycle your phone

Recycling and giving pre-loved phones a second life

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Bring your pre-loved devices back to a TELUS store and we’ll responsibly recycle or upcycle them for someone in need.

Help us make the future friendly

Do you have pre-loved devices lying around? By donating them at your local TELUS store, you’re helping to:

Create greener communities by safely recycling your devices and keeping them out of landfills

Connect individuals in need by upcycling your devices to our Mobility for Good® program

How to donate your pre-loved devices

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Bring it in

Regardless of whether you’re a TELUS customer, you can bring your old phones and tablets to a TELUS store or authorized dealer near you and we’ll upcycle or recycle them, depending on their condition.

Trade it in

If you're a TELUS customer due for a new phone and planning to trade yours in, we’ll help ensure it’s put to good use. You can also direct the trade-in value of your old phone or tablet to help connect someone in need when you buy a new one.

Safe and secure

Your privacy and security is our top priority. We recommend resetting your donated devices to factory settings prior to dropping them off. We will then wipe each device clean, erasing 100% of its data.

Advancing the circular economy of pre-loved devices

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2021 Sustainability and ESG Report

We're helping to reduce our collective carbon footprint by offering our customers programs to reduce, reuse and recycle their pre-loved devices.

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Bring your pre-loved phones or tablets back to a TELUS store to enjoy low monthly prices. We'll responsibly recycle or upcycle them for someone in need.

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Certified Pre-owned

Shop smartphones, tablets and smartwatches that are tested and re-packaged to feel and work like new.

Our commitment adds up

3.5 million

The number of mobile devices we’ve recycled or upcycled since 2005.

$16 million+

The value of mobile devices and rate plans we’ve donated to hundreds of community organizations across the country with your help.


Devices donated to youth leaving care, in need seniors, isolated hospital patients, and more.

It all adds up to our commitment to make the world a better place by caring for the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Bridging the digital divide

We believe everyone deserves access to the internet, regardless of geography, ability or socio-economic status. Through our Connecting for Good programs, we're ensuring that we're providing free or low-cost connectivity options to those in need.

Since 2001, we've also donated more than 25,000 computers to the Government of Canada's Computers for School program, inspiring other companies to donate their computers through the CEO Pledge to Bridge the Digital Divide.

Helping those in need succeed

When you donate your pre-loved phone or tablet, you’re helping thousands of Canadians in need stay connected to what matters most.
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