TELUS 5G is connecting Canadians for good

Now available on the world’s fastest 4G network, TELUS 5G will power our economy and make our lives easier, safer and healthier through increased speeds, reliability and capacity.

What is 5G?

5G is the ‘fifth generation’ of cellular network technology and mobile internet. TELUS 5G will unlock incredible transformation for consumers and businesses, from smart homes and connected vehicles to building automation and security.

The 5G Advantage

Building on our award-winning networks and expansive fibre deployments, along with our 5G-ready devices and our mission to connect Canada for good, TELUS 5G will provide customers with:


5G will deliver connection speeds up to 100 times faster in the future. Initial TELUS 5G will offer blazing-fast theoretical speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps, exceptional coverage and reliability.


5G will eventually support up to one million devices per square kilometre in a growing number of markets, built on a robust fibre network backbone.

High responsiveness

Over time, 5G will bring near instantaneous responsiveness (low latency), enabling applications such as remote surgery, autonomous cars and the creation of truly Smart Cities.

Network coverage

TELUS 5G is available in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and more, providing superior coverage in urban centres. We continue to expand our 5G coverage, with future plans to cover rural Canada as our 5G technology evolves.

Our Customers First promise

At TELUS, we continue to put our customers first by delivering a 5G network that is reliable, fast and built well within all Health Canada safety guidelines.

5G and the future

Over time, 5G’s power to move huge amounts of data and connect more devices than previous network technology will bring amazing speeds, responsiveness, reliability and capacity.

Smart Cities

Next-generation 5G networks will fuel Canadian innovation with new applications and emerging technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, digital healthcare and robotics. Learn more about how TELUS is helping businesses set up and manage their future workplaces today.


At TELUS, we understand the importance of connectivity and how it can be leveraged with technology for better health outcomes. With 5G-enabled devices and a high-speed network, health care providers will be able to do more to treat and monitor patients from anywhere in the world. Learn more about the connection between better health outcomes and our next-generation network.

Digital Creativity

We are only beginning to unlock the promise of 5G and TELUS is at the forefront of 5G innovation with its 5G Living Lab in Vancouver. We’re also encouraging Canadian developers to experiment with new capabilities to innovate at its TELUS Lab 5G at Zú, a Montreal-based incubator for start-ups innovating in the entertainment space.


5G will enable and accelerate a new wave of digital transformation in agriculture and farming. The next wave of wireless connectivity could supercharge drones with sensors to monitor crops, enable autonomous tractors to sow seeds via remote operation, and allow smart machines to assess fertilizer and pesticide applications for improved crop management and growth.