Restoring nature

As a global leader in sustainability, we’re applying the power of our connected technology and our experience decarbonizing our own operations to help others embrace more environmentally sustainable practices.
Landscape view of forests and water.

Working with nature, powered by technology

We are innovating with technology, including our world-leading network, to help make our planet healthier. Leveraging our partnerships and technology expertise, we apply new and emerging technologies to support nature-based solutions.

TIME Magazine’s #1 Most Sustainable Telecommunications Company in Canada

We’re driving social and environmental progress in Canada and worldwide – from investing in renewable energy to reforesting wildfire-affected regions.

Let us help you achieve your sustainability goals

Our nature-based solutions are now available for purchase. We'd love to discuss how your company can contribute to nature restoration projects.

Over the past two decades, we’ve planted 12.7 million trees and counting

In 2023 alone, we contributed to:


4,060 hectares
Compared to 27,000 hockey rinks.
Compared to planting 725,000 studio apartments full of trees.
513,185 PLANTS
Compared to removing 420,000 cars from the road for one year.

Protecting our home from wildfires

TELUS is protecting communities and the environment by investing in innovative technology to help detect wildfires, restore forests and keep you connected.
A mother duck and her ducklings gathered beside marsh grass
A tree planter digging a hole in the dirt with a shovel.

Differentiate your business

Discover how technology-enabled nature restoration can accelerate your business’ ESG goals in our latest insights paper.

Restoration methods and initiatives

Ocean and marine ecosystem management

Restoring and protecting ocean and marine ecosystems through seaforestation (kelp planting), reducing plastic pollution‌ and supporting aquatic species protection.
Habitat enhancement
Restoring and protecting ecosystems through wildlife habitat recovery, habitat connectivity improvement‌ and biodiversity conservation.

Green land cover restoration

Restoring forest ecosystems through reforestation and afforestation while applying ecosystem-based management to other vegetated areas such as wetlands and grasslands.

Biodiversity monitoring

Developing infrastructure and technology to support native biodiversity, monitoring restoration progress‌ and gathering actionable data.

Restoration locations

We are continually expanding our reforestation efforts, both in Canada and internationally.
Water and trees off the coast of Hotham Sound.

Hotham Sound, British Columbia

Kelp ordered


Forest Type

This project aims to create a mixed-use commercial kelp forest, benefiting local Indigenous groups through restored fisheries, ecosystem services‌ and kelp harvesting.
Tree planters in the field.


Trees planted


Forest type

Boreal and temperate forests
Shakti by TELUS is an environmentally-focused reforestation company specializing in site preparation, seed collection, tree sourcing and tree planting, supported by custom-built tools and mapping systems.
View of a post-burn forest in British Columbia.


Trees planted


Forest Type

Boreal, temperate and dry pine forests
Drone-enabled seedling planting in post-wildfire areas can help accelerate the natural regeneration process while supporting a range of native tree species that help forests become more resilient.
Water and trees off the coast of Hotham Sound.



Trees ordered


Forest Type

Located on Kenya’s Likoni river delta, this mangrove forest helps stabilize and protect the landscape from erosion and creates valuable nurseries in a unique ecosystem.

Following best-in class guidelines

In working towards our goal, we will be following established restoration frameworks developed by the
International Union for Conservation of Nature
(IUCN) and the
World Resources Institute
Grounded in transparency and accountability, for each of our projects we work with key partners to define project needs, collect relevant data, monitor progress regularly and report findings openly.
An aerial view of a beach with trees in the background.

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