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Support at-risk youth

Everyone deserves to feel safe.

For every SmartHome Security activation, we'll give $25 to the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation to help provide safe shelter to at-risk youth.

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About the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation

For Canada’s most vulnerable population, the future can be pretty daunting. That’s why the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation has made a commitment to support socially innovative programs powered by technology, with a focus on health and education for youth.

The Foundation:

  • Impacts some 2 million young people every year

  • Supports charitable organizations with critical projects that make sure no one, especially Canadian youth, gets left behind

  • Has supported 5,685 projects and contributed $68.85 million to grassroots organizations in Canada

Thirteen Community Boards throughout Canada help allocate the Foundation’s funds. This award-winning model empowers local leaders who know their communities best – entrusting them to recommend the projects, places and people that need the Foundation’s support the most.

See the impact the Foundation is having in communities

Hear Oliver’s story as just one example of how the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation is making an impact across the country

Learn about the Friendly Future Foundation