Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera - self-install only

See what’s happening around your home.

This weatherproof camera can capture live and recorded video around your home. Breathe easy your house is under reliable surveillance, even in the dark.

One time payment

For 36 months


  • Weatherproof - built to last in all seasons

  • 1080 HD full colour video resolution


  • Watch live and recorded video on the app

  • Records from up to 40 ft. away, even in the dark

  • Motion activated notifications and recording

  • 1000 video clips included with video plans

  • Support for up to 4 cameras included with video plans

  • Video expansion packs available providing an extra 5000 clips storage, 5000 uploads and support for up to 8 cameras for only $5 per month


  • Standard electrical outlet nearby to power the camera

  • Wi-Fi (minimum 2.5Mbps connection per camera)

  • TELUS Internet 25 or PureFibre 15/15 minimum required; for questions regarding other internet service provider speeds please contact 1-855-255-8828

  • Available as a self-install add-on only

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