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Tim’s security camera wins in game of mouse trap

Real Life Stories · May 14, 2021

"I’ve always known that there is a small mouse problem in my home. It peaked a few years ago when one of them decided to pull a ratatouille move on me: one of the nights I was watching TV and saw a mouse sitting on the arm of the sofa doing the same. I declared war that night. We’ve caught a few through mouse pads. The record was three on two pads in one night. I had since blocked all possible entries into living space and have not seen them since. Occasionally when I am working in my home office on the first floor, I could hear a mouse crawling through in ceiling, but didn’t pay much attention to such as I thought the mouse would not be able to get out. So I thought. When I saw some mouse droppings in one of my kitchen drawers, I knew at least one of these little buggers found a crack somewhere. Since they always only come out after dark, I knew I need some help to do the detective work. This is where TELUS’ SHS interior camera comes into the play. With a few simple clicks, the camera was rolling. I was able to quickly reposition the camera to the angle I want so I can find out where the mouse came out and went to – so this helped me to work on blocking those access. The camera feed also strategically helped me to place sticky pads at high traffic areas so I have better chance to net them."

- Tim from Vancouver, BC

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