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Early fire detection gets Lundquist family & pets safely out of home

Real Life Stories · Apr 28, 2021

"We honestly believe that having Telus Security saved not only our home, but possibly our lives. The smoke detector worked perfectly, your team called immediately to determine if there was an actual fire and when we confirmed there was, you took over and alerted the fire department and all authorities required. From the time our alarm went off to when the fire department was on scene was 9 minutes. Amazing. The alarm detecting the fire and warning us as early as it did, gave us time to not only get all of us, and our pets out of the home, but also gave us time to attack the fire with garden hoses and keep it contained until the fire department arrived. As little as two minutes later and we would have lost everything and may have been overcome with smoke. Then your team called to let me know the fire department was on scene in case we weren’t there. Again, something that is very reassuring and takes a lot of worry and pressure off. And then your call the next morning, and all the texts, calls, and help afterward…thank you is inadequate. And then, we received the most thoughtful basket of food and goodies from you. That was SO above and beyond but showed us that you truly cared. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"

- Jon from Coquitlam, BC

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