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Get a bonus camera worth up to $280 for free when you sign up for a Video plan today.

Check on deliveries and even unlock your front door for the courier – all from your phone with free installation.

Sign up today with plans starting from $18/mo.

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Start saving with SmartHome Security today

Security for your home and wallet

Start saving money with SmartHome Security today. Sign up now and save up to 20% on insurance premiums when you choose a professionally monitored plan.

Reduce your monthly utility bills

Manage your heating and conserve energy to reduce your utility bills with smart home automation products like the smart thermostat and smart light bulbs.

Enjoy savings by signing up

The savings begin immediately with TELUS SmartHome Security plans – get your first month free and up to $350 in bonus devices when you choose DIY Self-Installation. Also we’ll give you $100 bill credit for buying online.


Choose the best installation method for your needs

DIY Self-Installation

The hands-on do-it-yourself method

  • Receive a SmartHome Security Self-Install Kit with all the necessary devices and instructions.

  • Install your system on your own time with guidance from our online resources and access call-in support if you need it.

Get $350 in device credits to spend on a new camera and sensor. Plus get your first month free, plus an additional $100 bill credit for buying online.

Professional Installation

A technician will come to safely install

  • A technician will call and do a safety assessment to ensure your home is safe to enter. 

  • If the guidelines are met, we will arrange an appointment and a technician will arrive wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the entirety of the install, which includes a mask, gloves and boot covers.

  • $100 installation fee for existing customers, $450 for new customers.

Get a $280 camera for video plans or a $70 sensor for non video plans.

SmartHome Security wizard

Let us recommend how SmartHome Security can help with your daily routine

Our SmartHome Security wizard asks a few simple questions to get an idea of what you need to protect. In the end, we’ll recommend the best smart home security system and home security devices for your needs.

Learn about our top smart home security products


HD Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

See what’s happening around your home.

This weather-proof camera can capture live and recorded video around your home.

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Featured offers

Reward yourself.

When you bundle TELUS SmartHome Security with one other eligible TELUS service, you qualify for TELUS Rewards™. Earn points just by paying your monthly bill, and then redeem great rewards, like gift cards, contests, TELUS bill credits, and the latest tech.

Power your home security system with the fastest internet technology.

TELUS PureFibre is the number one internet technology for speed and reliability. Save $10/month on TELUS SmartHome Security when you bundle with TELUS Internet.

Earn up to $350 in bonus devices.

When you choose the SmartHome Security Self-Install Kit as your installation method, you’ll earn $350 in device credits to keep your home safe, secure and connected.

Move to our world-class network

We’ve made all the right moves, building a world-class network direct to your home. TELUS Home Services will make sure you stay connected, entertained and secure – now and in the future.

We can help recommend the best plan and devices for your needs.

Talk to our SmartHome Security experts about a plan that works for you.

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