Removing the Norton Security Online licence on a device – PC, MAC, Android, iOS

How to cancel the Norton Security licence on your devices

To cancel the Norton licence on a device

  • Visit the Norton website
  • Log in to your Norton account using the Sign In button.
  • Enter the email address and password associated with your Norton account to sign in.
    • If you don’t have a Norton account, you can create one on this site by selecting New to Norton? Create an Account.
    • If you create a new Norton account on the Norton site, you’ll see the message No subscription available when you sign in to the portal.
  • You will then need to select I have a PIN a little lower on the page to link your Norton Security Online licence code (PIN) to your Norton account.
  • You can find your 13-character PIN in the email you received from TELUS Québec or in your Espace client.
  • To complete this step, enter your PIN in the box provided and then click the yellow arrow to the right. Note: The Norton website interface will open in English or French, depending on your browser language settings.
  • Once connected to the Norton web portal using the account to which your licence is linked, click on your name on the top right and then select My Subscriptions displayed on the list that appears.
  • In the My subscriptions menu, you will see your Norton Security Online licences. Manage Licences will appear next to each one. By clicking on this option, you will be able to delete the devices that use your licence.
  • When deleting a device from your Norton licence, this device will ask for your licence PIN to reuse it. Otherwise, the Norton licence will remain invalid on this device and the Norton service will not function properly because it will not be activated any more.


  • If you are already using your Norton licence with the maximum two devices and wish to add more devices, you can increase the number up to 5, free of charge, in your Espace client on the TELUS Québec website.
  • This option is in the Internet menu in the left pane of your Espace client, under the Norton Security Online tab. This is also where you will find your PIN.
  • Depending on your browser version, the Internet menu may be under My services, also in the left pane.

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