PureFibre overage charges explained

Information about data overage charges and your PureFibre Internet service

Additional Internet usage rates

Beyond the limit of your monthly data, excess data will be billed at $ 1.50 / GB up to a maximum of $ 50 / month.

You can also subscribe to an unlimited Internet data plan.

Monthly data allowances

TELUS Internet plan Monthly data allowance
Internet Intermédiaire 15 GB
OPTIK 15 100 GB
OPTIK 25 150 GB
OPTIK 50 250 GB
OPTIK 100/100 125 GB
OPTIK 150/150 200 GB
OPTIK 250/250 300 GB
OPTIK 500/500 400 GB

Avoiding overage charges

Most likely, you are already on an appropriate Internet plan. But if you are nearing or exceeding your monthly limits, see below for information.

Manage your usage

First, ensure you’ve taken these basic precautions:

  • Ensure your Wi-Fi is password-protected. This will prevent neighbours and others from using any of your monthly data allowance
  • Install anti-virus / anti-spam software
  • Turn off streaming music and video when not in use

Increasing your data allowance

If, after taking the above steps, you find you still need more data, you can:

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