Connected Hydration Bottle With Smart Lid

Teal Thermos Hydration Bottle

Connected Hydration Bottle With Smart Lid




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Goal Setting

Calculates your hydration goal based on personal data.

Measure Intake and Temperature

Measures liquid intake with real-time temperature readings.

Progress Tracking

Chart and graph daily, weekly, and monthly hydration progress.




Battery Life

Up to 12 days


Requires iOS7+

What's in the Box

One 710 mL Connected Hydration Bottle with smart lid, one USB cord


Instagram Looks

See how the Thermos Hydration Bottle is being used

Thermos App

Take Hydration Seriously with the Thermos App

Featured Video

Meet the Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle

Learn how to achieve your hydration goals and support a healthy lifestyle with the Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle.

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