TELUS Alexa Skill explained

Information on TELUS Skill and Alexa powered devices

Set up TELUS Skill

Link TELUS Skill to your TELUS account

  1. Log in into your Alexa Amazon app or web portal
  2. Go to the Skills section
  3. Search for TELUS Skill
  4. Enable the link. This should take you to My TELUS
    Note: You should receive a message informing you that the account has been successfully linked.
  5. You will receive an email containing a link that will allow you to configure the skill
    Note: You can also go to to configure your skill.

Ways to use TELUS Skill on an Echo device

FeaturesThings you can doExample phrases
DataCheck your mobile data usage, check your Internet data usage, upgrade to Home unlimited Internet and purchase more mobile data.- “What’s my mobile data usage for this month?”
- “How much data do I have left this month?”
- “Add a data top-up”
BillingCheck your total bill, find out when your bill is due, get details on your bill or if you feel your bill is high you can ask “why is my bill so high?”- “What’s my December bill?”
- “When is my bill due?”
- “Why is my bill so high?”
Optik TVAsk any question you have about your Optik TV account or services, such as how to self-install Optik, program your remotes or troubleshoot your TV.- “How do I self-install Optik?”
- “How do I set up my classic remote?”
- “How do I troubleshoot my Optik TV?”
- “How do I access Optik TV on a computer?”
Internet ServicesAsk any question you have about your TELUS Internet Services, such as how to change your Wi-Fi name or password, check for service outages or how to complete an internet speed test.- “How do I change my Wi-Fi network name?”
- “How can I check for Internet Service outages?”
- “How do I do an Internet speed test?”

Troubleshooting features

FeaturesThings you can doExample phrases
Internet TroubleshootingGet help solving your internet issues such as slow Wi-Fi, trouble browsing a website, Wi-Fi disconnections and no internet connection.- “Why is my Wi-Fi slow?”
- “Why am I not able to browse a website?”
- “Why does my Wi-Fi keep disconnecting?”
- “Why do I not have any internet?

Test your Echo device

Verify your Echo device is working

When Alexa is activated (by saying ‘Alexa’) you should see a blue light. If the light is not visible then you either have a hardware issue or you need to check the power connection.

Verify your Echo device is connected to the internet

Amazon has programmed their devices to give an educated feedback. For example, if the device is not connected to Wi-Fi, it will tell you so. You can also try asking Alexa the weather forecast and it should inform you of the weather in your city. If does not, go to the Alexa app or the Alexa web app and follow the steps to setup an Echo device.

Verify your TELUS Skill account is linked

Say “Alexa, Open TELUS”

Your account is not linked if you hear this message: “ Welcome to TELUS. I can help you with current deals, contact TELUS and Help. To get the full experience, please link your TELUS account on Amazon Alexa web or app”

Your account is linked if you hear this message: "Welcome to TELUS. I can help you with billing, data, travel or current deals. What would you like to do?”

Verify your data package or roaming pass was added successfully

The TELUS Skill confirms the transaction on the Alexa/Echo device and sends you a confirmation message. If for whatever reason, you don’t get a confirmation message you can go to self-serve portal to check the status of your account. You will see if the data package or the roaming passes has been added to your account.

How to use a Skill

Start the skill“Alexa, ask TELUS” or “Alexa, open TELUS”
Billing"Alexa, ask TELUS whats my bill" or "Alexa, ask TELUS when is my bill due"
Data"Alexa ask TELUS what's my data usage?" or "Alexa, ask TELUS to add 2 GB of data"
Travel"Alexa, ask TELUS for roaming passes" or "Alexa, ask TELUS that I am traveling to Spain. What are my options?"
Current deals"Alexa ask TELUS what are the current deals"
HelpSay "help" at anytime
Specific help topic“Help with data” or “help with current deals” or “help with billing,” etc.

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