Guide visible but no video

Tips on restarting your modem or digital box to restore channels

If the onscreen guide appears, but the screen is otherwise black, first try changing the channel.

If you find that all channels are black after changing the channel, you can restart your equipment as described below. It is important to reboot the equipment in a specific order.

  1. Restart your modem
  2. Once it is back online, find your PVR
    Pro Tip: Your PVR will be the biggest digital box in your home!
  3. Disconnect the power cord from the back of the box
  4. Wait 2 minutes
  5. Reconnect the power cord to the back of your digital box
  6. The digital box will be ready when both the Link and Power lights are on
  7. Ensure you are able to watch Live TV and that your recordings are available
  8. Move on to any other digital boxes in the home and repeat steps 3 - 7

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