Channel management

Change the channels in your build-your-own-TV Télé OPTIK package

You can use your Espace client to modify the channel selection in your build-your-own-TV package when you want, at any time of day. Your new channels will be available with your Télé OPTIK services within 15 minutes.

Technical considerations

  • Only customers subscribed to a Télé OPTIK build-your-own-TV package can change their channels using Espace client.
  • Only channels included in your Télé OPTIK build-your-own-TV package can be changed.
  • Customers with à la carte channels in addition to their build-your-own-TV package cannot modify their channel selection online using Espace client.
    • An à la carte channel is a channel you added to your Télé OPTIK service from the channels offered with build-your-own-TV packages because you had reached the maximum number of channels for your package.
  • It is important to remember that à la carte channels are not the same as specialized channels like Super Écran and HBO with CraveTV.
  • Limit of one channel modification every 30 days.
  • When modifying channels, you cannot add channels to or remove channels from your current package or modify your package to include a specialized channel. For more information, please contact us at 310-1212.

Note: To see all the channels available on Télé OPTIK, please refer to the channel list.

How to change the channels included in your build-your-own-TV package using your Espace client

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