Goodmylk Co. is building the future of plant-based dairy with 100% organic, clean ingredient mylks that have unparalleled taste and performance. Using unique product formats – frozen mylk concentrates and powdered creamers – Goodmylk brings the taste of homemade to the consumer without the work. These formats allow customers to enjoy the products as they need or on-the-go and significantly reduce waste. Goodmylk is available online nationwide, has a growing list of retail doors in Southern California, and used by leaders in specialty coffee.

Company highlights

Company founded date


Management team

  • Brooke Harris – Founder/CEO

  • Linda Margiotta – VP of Finance

  • Dennis Harris – Director of Operations

Headquarter location

Los Angeles, California



Aligned Pollinator Area of Focus

  • Caring for the planet and Supporting responsible agriculture


  • Each of our Barista Blend pouches saves four milk cartons from ending up in our oceans and landfills.

  • Over 800,000 cartons have been saved from landfills to date.

  • 100% of our ingredients are organic because we support the health and safety conditions for farmworkers and the communities that surround the farm.