Cosm Medical is modernizing pelvic health by leveraging digital imaging, AI and 3D printing technologies to create custom pessaries for patients with female pelvic floor disorders. Cosm’s Gynethotics is the world's first custom-made gynecological insert for unique bodies and needs.

Company highlights

Company founded date


Management team

  • Derek Sham, Founder & CEO

  • Goli Ameri, CSO

  • Aye Nyein San, CTO

  • Ali Borazjani, Science Director

Headquarter location

Toronto, Ontario



Aligned Pollinator Area of Focus

  • Transforming healthcare

  • Enabling inclusive communities


  • # of customers served

  • Number of clinic visits for a successful fitting

  • % of users report improvement in PFD (Pelvic Floor Disorder) symptoms

  • % of women who continue to wear the Gynethotic after 1 year