Our impact

Impact is core to our investment approach. We invest in startups that can generate meaningful and measurable impact for our planet and our communities.
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Pollinator Impact Navigation Tool

The Pollinator Impact Navigation Tool helps founders and early-stage startups adopt the appropriate impact management strategies and tools for their business.
The tool will help:
  1. Assess the company's impact management capabilities
  2. Identify opportunities to level up the company's impact measurement and management (IMM) system
  3. Track, manage and communicate the company's impact on an ongoing basis through templates.
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Impact highlights

In our second year of operations, we expanded our portfolio, continued to be an industry leader in diversity and are demonstrating early results that will continue to grow over time.


of startups in our portfolio are led by Indigenous and racialized people.


of startups in our portfolio are led by women.

1.1 + million

lives touched through improved services, products or income.
*last updated: June 2023

Our four impact pillars

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Supporting responsible agriculture

Investment verticals: sustainable food production, access to nutritious food and nature-based solutions.
Target outcomes: food systems adopting sustainability practices to reduce CO2e emissions, protect soil health, water and biodiversity, and improved access to nutritious foods for all.
Impact KPIs: CO2e tonnes reduced, hectares of land under sustainable management and the number of people accessing healthy food.
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Transforming healthcare

Investment verticals: inclusive healthcare, preventative healthcare, and women’s and senior health.
Target outcomes: Equitable access to health care solutions for underserved and vulnerable populations.
Impact KPIs: number of people impacted within target population, reduction in chronic conditions, decrease in incidents of harm and money saved in healthcare treatments.
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Caring for our planet

Investment verticals: decarbonization solutions, climate resilience and circular economy.
Target outcomes: widespread adoption of zero-emission solutions, climate resilience and zero waste.
Impact KPIs: tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent removed or reduced, tonnes of waste reduced or avoided, litres of water conserved or recycled and the number of people benefiting from climate resilience strategies.
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Enabling inclusive communities

Investment verticals: the care economy, future of work readiness and equitable access to education.
Target outcomes: improved educational outcomes, better quality employment and incomes, and improved care outcomes.
Impact KPIs: the number and diversity of people reached, improved quality jobs and higher incomes.
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Impact is core to our approach

We subscribe to industry standards including the
Five Dimensions of Impact
. We also collaborate with
Impact Capital Managers
Impact Frontiers
to adopt and advance industry best practices.