Our approach

We are impact investors, investing for profit with a purpose and leveraging the full strength of TELUS to generate financial returns and impact at scale.

Supporting social impact at TELUS

The TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good enables TELUS to expand its commitment to social capitalism by supporting transformative solutions at an early stage with capital and added value. The fund draws on TELUS’ long-standing commitment to the community, ranging from the TELUS Community Boards and TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, and efforts to improve health and agricultural outcomes through TELUS Health and TELUS Agriculture.

How the fund works

We operate a $100-million impact fund that leverages technology for social good.

We are impact investors

We strive to find solutions that meaningfully address social and environmental issues. Our team evaluates companies based on their ability to drive positive outcomes and generate financial returns. We work with our portfolio of startups to help meet the evolving needs of our communities and planet.

Our investment criteria

We take a thoughtful approach to investing with an eye on six factors, such as a startup’s stage and its ability to create impact at scale.


We invest in companies in the Seed to Series A stage. We look for evidence of product-market fit and traction within the company's market.


While we do invest globally, we consider how a company can create impact in Canada.


We invest in profit-with-purpose companies that can create meaningful and measurable impact in at least one of our four impact pillars.

TELUS additionality

We aim to be actively involved with our portfolio, leveraging TELUS’ wide network of expertise and contacts to support a company’s growth.

Mission aligned founders

We seek entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds with a deep passion and understanding of problems they’re trying to solve.

Leveraging technology

We look for startups that use technology, are scalable and have a pathway to strong financial returns.

Advancing impact investing



Recognitions and awards

Pollinator Awards

TELUS Recognitions

Wall Street Journal Top 100

Dow Jones Sustainability North American Index

Corporate Knights’ Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada

Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

Corporate Knights: 2021 Global 100

Global Compact Network Canada’s SDG Accelerator Award