TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good

We invest in responsible startups driving social and environmental change to make the world a better place. We believe in profit with a purpose.

Our mission

The TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good powers the biggest, boldest, bravest ideas and the next generation of startups building tech for good. We invest in entrepreneurs addressing the biggest challenges in health, education, agriculture and the environment, by connecting them with the resources and capital they need to grow and thrive. The TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good showcases TELUS’ long-standing commitment to our communities by leveraging the power of technology to drive better social outcomes and economic growth.

Our vision

The TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good is investing in the future of responsible business to create a world where purpose and profit go hand-in-hand.

Areas of focus

The fund is focused on investing in the next generation of responsible businesses.

Caring for our planet

We invest in companies creating solutions for renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gases, reducing waste, and developing more sustainable practices, including a circular economy. Saving our planet is a good investment.

Aligned UN SDGs

Supporting responsible agriculture

We’re seeding businesses with capital and more to rethink the food supply chain to increase efficiencies, reduce food waste, and increase food security, all to create a more sustainable food economy.

Aligned UN SDGs

Transforming healthcare

Better healthcare starts with a better healthcare system. We’re investing in businesses using technology to find efficiencies and improve prevention and treatment in all areas, including substance abuse and mental health.

Aligned UN SDGs

Enabling inclusive communities

We’re investing in startups building solutions to further social and economic inclusion. We are enabling equal access to education and training because we believe everyone deserves an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Aligned UN SDGs

Ready to pitch your company?

We’re always looking for mission-aligned, purpose-driven startups. Please send us your business plan and we’ll see if it is a fit.