Canada's premier telecommunications LEC billing clearinghouse

  • Ability to bill in Canada and the US


The premier telecommunications clearinghouse in Canada, this solution enables the billing and collection of alternately-billed calls between service providers and wireline LEC billers. TELUS Clearinghouse acts as an interface between service providers and LEC billers. We transport charges generated from service providers and their end users, and remit them to the appropriate LEC for billing and collection.

TELUS Clearinghouse is supported by TRAFIC, TELUS’ proprietary information management system, as well as a comprehensive network of billing and collection agreements.

Key features

  • Record transport and revenue management: Transport call records to LECs for billing and collection from end users, and manage revenue collection
  • Record format services: Convert billing records to Exchange Message Interface (EMI) format prior to submission to LECs
  • Rating: Rate billing records based on customer-provided rating tables
  • Taxation: Modify billing records to apply relevant Canadian taxes

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