Switched Ethernet

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  • Delivers the speed, reliability, performance and reach required to grow your business


TELUS’ Carrier Ethernet Switched (CES) services are purpose-built for carriers looking to establish or expand their Canadian presence. We are the only Canadian carrier offering six Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF 2.0) compliant services, with the most Carrier Ethernet Certified Professionals (CECP) on staff. Completely transparent to customer traffic, our CES network offers the features and flexibility you need to custom-architect your traffic. Flexible over-subscription ratios allow traffic levels above committed rates, including jumbo frame support for larger payloads, over 4000 VLANs per EVC and hot standby E-NNIs scalable up to 100 G across the country. TELUS can provide your customers with more cost-effective network topologies than other, less agile carriers - another unique feature.

  • Class of service: Allows for flexible QoS mappings. Up to four classes per EVC. Four options, including a multi-class of service feature.
  • Fast, simple wholesale interconnection: TELUS' North American reach enables easy E-NNI  connections, without any Canadian network presence requirements.
  • Highly available and reliable: Our robust, reliable network architecture supports long-haul transport service, with diverse north/south routes and matched nodes at ring interconnection points.

Service options: 1. E-Line: Point-to-point services connecting exactly two customer end points (UNI). 2. E-Access: Point-to-point services connecting exactly one UNI to one E-NNI (CCI). 3. E-LAN: Multipoint-to-multipoint, fully-meshed services connecting two or more UNIs. 4. Internet EVC (DIA): Allows a single access circuit or network connection to a customer to be shared between L2VPN and Internet services. 5. Carrier-to-carrier Interconnect (CCI): Allows multiple services to be aggregated into one customer connection point. Also called an E-NNI. 6. Application-to-network Interconnect (ANI): A shared interconnection between TELUS' CES services to TELUS Cloud Applications. Where a CCI supports a single customer, an ANI can support multiple customers on the same interface.

Key features

  • Fully aligned with IEEE and MEF 2.0 standards
  • Supports Internet EVCs (DIA)
  • Four classes of service to support everything from Internet to real-time voice and video
  • Fibre access speeds from 1M to 10G, and E-NNI scaling from 1G to 100G
  • Copper-based access using ADSL2+, VDSL, and T1

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