TELUS Carrier Ethernet Cloud

Leverage the power of the cloud like never before with TELUS' Carrier Ethernet Cloud.


Using SD-WAN technology, TELUS Partner Solutions' Carrier Ethernet Cloud (CEC) represents the evolution of the TELUS Layer 2 Broadband portfolio. CEC is a white-labelled, over-the-top solution, enabling customers to build new or extend their existing Layer 2 network beyond the constraints of fibre-based services. It offers real time management through a secure portal for order transactions, network configuration and monitoring. CEC solutions allow you to create L2 VPNs connecting multiple sites with secured, encrypted tunnels over any underlay, including broadband Internet. ENaaS is currently offered as four packages: Basic, Standard, Enhanced, and Premium. All packages offer the option of using two WAN accesses, the second as a failover in stand-by mode, and most can also bundle TELUS' LTE service as the failover WAN access.

CEC currently supports VPN throughput of up to 100 Mbps and can be configured as either E-LINE or E-LAN. Customer locations using Enhanced or Premium packages can integrate with existing Carrier Ethernet Switched (CES) locations through your existing CES CCI providing normalized, seamless connectivity across your customer base.

Key benefits

  • White-labelled
  • Over-the-top (OTT)
  • Cloud-based
  • LTE failover
  • Network normalization
  • Cost-efficient
  • Self-serve
  • White-glove service configuration
  • White-glove service installation

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