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TELUS Partner Solutions

DSL VPOP (Unbundled ADSL)

Sell access services to end users without large capital investments


TELUS' DSL Virtual Point of Presence (VPOP) services bundle data capabilities for last-mile network and Internet access, enabling you to sell to end users without capital/technical resource investments. DSL VPOP services are an integrated combination of routers, modems, and high-speed wide area networks that offer Internet Service Providers (ISPs) bundled wholesale data communication service capabilities (or a virtual presence) for network and Internet access. As a mission-critical business service, TELUS' DSL VPOP services deliver quality through service management and high service level standards. TELUS manages all hardware and high-speed networking equipment except the end-user modem. TELUS DSL VPOP services and other TELUS Internetworking services enable ISPs to deliver new technologies and services to their end customers in a fast, cost-effective and efficient manner.

  • You benefit from a comprehensive service and support framework that includes 24x7 management and support.
  • Our 24/7 Network Management Centre will facilitate fault resolution and ensure maximum uptime.
  • Six different end user access services ensure that the end-user benefits from the service that meets their requirements in terms of usage and bandwidth requirements.
  • Our Tier 1 Canadian Internet backbone is directly connected to other Tier 1 backbones to guarantee optimal performance.
  • TELUS is an expert, trusted communications provider, dedicated to ensuring your customer interconnections are robust, reliable, and secure.
  • TELUS DSL VPOP services are available wherever Ethernet ADSL service is provisioned.

Key features

  • Full service
  • Network management
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Availability

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