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How to order an On Demand program using a remote control or computer

Before you begin, you need a Purchase PIN.

Order an On Demand program on your TV

  1. Press the On Demand or Video On Demand button on your remote control
  2. Select a category in the main menu
  3. Use the right arrow to browse a desired category
  4. Use the arrows to browse titles
  5. Select the desired title. Press OK
  6. Select Order options. A pop up window will display the video quality options for which you quality
  7. Select the version you want to order. Your movie will begin to play

Watching a rented On Demand program

  1. Press On Demand on your remote to view your current rentals
  2. Use the arrows to select the My Videos folder
  3. Use the arrows to enter My Rentals
  4. Select the movie you would like to watch and select OK
  5. Select Watch to start playing the movie. Watch your rentals as many times as you want within the rental period (48 hours for most rentals)


  • Check out On Demand's new Deals and coupons section to see if you have any coupons available. Learn your coupon value, expiry date, how to redeem the movie and much more.
  • You can switch between Poster view and List view. While viewing a category, select Display style to change views, and press OK
  • To prevent unauthorized rentals, learn how to create a Purchase PIN

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